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Grab this fantastic benefit show poster while
stocks last!

Continental US $15

Rest of the World $20

Please specify in a note on check-out if you'd like it autrgraphed by Scott.

Three Chords And A Cloud Of Dust - Scott Morgan box set (Easy Action)

Order through the Easy Action website via the link below.

It's a 3CD box with an exclusive EP as a bonus for early pre-orders.

Also comes bundled with a T-shirt.

SHE MESSED UP MY MIND/PEARL - The Solution/Powertrane (Electrophonic Records)
Finally out, the split single featuring the non-album live version of The Solution's "She Messed Up My Mind" backed with Powertrane's "Pearl" in a strictly limited 7" vinyl run. Soulful quality all the way so don't pass it up. Scott will autograph your copy, if you ask nicely (leave a note in the appropriate message field when you order.)

Continental US $9

Rest of the World $11

MEDIUM RARE - Scott Morgan (Real O Mind)
Wonderful collection of previously unreleased or hard-to-find tracks spanning 30 years of the Morgan career. Includes three cuts by the reformed Rationals.

These are the last copies so don't delay. They are destined for eBay in February where they can fetch up to $200. Leave a note in the message field on check out if you'd like it autographed.


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TAKE A LOOK/SOUL MOVER 45 - Scott Morgan (Real O Mind)

Reissue of the lost early '70s solo single, this time on quality vinyl. Players include Fred "Sonic" Smith of the MC5 and Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Limited numbers.


ANN ARBOR REVIVAL MEETING - Scott Morgan's Powertrane (Real O Mind)

This is hi-octane, raw-boned rock 'n' roll, recorded over two nights at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor. Guests Ron Asheton (Stooges), Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) and Hiawatha (Cult Heroes) lend a hand. Essential if you're into the home-grown Michigan rock sounds of any of the aforementioned guests or Sonic's Rendezvous Band. Includes R.I.P. R & R, Runaway Slaves (The Hydromatics), Blood From a Stone, Outside (Deniz Tek Group), 1969, No Fun, TV Eye (The Stooges), What Gives? (Radio Birdman) and Love & Learn and Earthy (Sonic's Rendezvous Band).


BEYOND THE SOUND - Powertrane Featuring Scott Morgan b/w OUTTA SIGHT - Sweet Justice (American Ruse Records) 7" single
The debut single from the studio album, issued as a double A sided split single with the mighty Sweet Justice from Los Angeles (the new band for Streetwalkin' Cheetahs frontman Frank Meyer). Beyond the Sound is foot-to-the-floor driving rock and roll and a super slice of Detroit raunch. Cover art by Chris "Box" Taylor of the 'Trane. In the rocking stakes, Outta Sight is no slouch either. Issued on nice fat vinyl, too.


DEATH, RATTLE & ROLL - Various Artists (incl. The Hydromatics)
Two Hydromatics cuts (Let's Dot It Again, R.I.P. Rock and Roll) on a 30-track compilation of ear-blistering rock and roll from San Francisco label Wondertaker. Includes tunes from the likes of the Jack Saints, Amputees, Reid Paley, Midnight Bombers, Everything Must Go, Ain't Motorhome, Black Furies, Fleshies, Bottles and Skulls, Dirty Power and the Grannies. Hard to find and we have only a handful of copies.

Continental US $15

Rest of the World $17

PUT THE BLAME ON ME/ALL TALK, NO ACTION - Scott Morgan & Miss Georgia Peach (Ramo Records)
Fantastic rockin' soul 7" single pairing Scott with the dulcet tones of Miss Georgia Peach from Minneapolis. "Put The Blame On Me" is a cover Scott chose by Memphis band The Motherstation. Think rock and roll with a healthy dose of soul. "All Talk, No Action" is a co-write by MIss Georgia Peach and drummer Travis Ramen. It's a garage rocker. This is very hard to find and once they go, they're gone, so don't delay.


Finally - the full-length, studio debut by Powertrane in all its soulful, rockin' glory. Several years in the making and worth the wait! Due to a production error, early copies omitted one song (the Tyner/Gillespie tune "Taboo") but the correctly-tracked edition is now back from the plant and officially released. Priced at $17.50 for Continental US customers and $20 globally (which includes postage and packing), the finished article is a warm, powerful and fully-realised effort, a disc that mixes the best Michigan hi-octane rock with a valve amplifed, soul glow.
N.B. Orders not filled by us so only order via the link below. Please don't send us cash or checks!


LIVE - The Hydromatics (Pitshark)
Molten slab of 10" vinyl that captures The Hydromatics at their live best over the course of several line-ups and European tourss. Eight scorching tracks lay it down to be the band's fitting farewell. This thing smokes! We have only a handful of these to sell and they're on an import French label, hence the price, but once they're gone, well, they're gone.


REVOLUTIONARY MEANS - Scots Pirates (Schoolkids Records)

A baker's dozen (that's 13) tracks of steamy, guitar-rich Detroit rockin' rhythm and blues on this 1995 album. Scots Pirates were the engine room of Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Scott Asheton and Gary Rasmussen) with Scott on guitar and vocals, Bobby East on guitars and Kathy Deschaine on vocals. Guests are Mike Katon (guitar) and Johnny Arizona (drums). Includes Flawed Diamonds, 88 and a smokin' cover of the Jimmy Johnston Band's I Need Some Easy Money.


LIVE MASONIC Vinyl - Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Rock-a-Rama/Total Energy)
Re-mastered stand-alone version of disc 4 from the box set with digipack and new art. Here's the skinny from producer Robert Matheu: "On a cold January night, the SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND took the stage opening for the RAMONES in the 3,000 plus seat auditorium. They were personally asked to be on the bill by the RAMONES, who had befriended the band on the many occasions they played together at the Second Chance in Ann Arbor. But this night the SRB performed with an urgency previously unheard".

"The absolute closest you'll ever get to being battered senseless by the buffering sound that made the Motor City famous." - Jeffrey Morgan / Detroit Metro Times.


SCOTS PIRATES - Scots Pirates (Schoolkids Records)

Solid 1993 effort from Scots Pirates, this time with assistance from Brian Delaney (guitar) and Billy Csernits (keyboards). Hard to find. A bit more laid-back than Revolutionary Means, but order quick and score a copy with the extra track Detroit, as well as the standard edition that came with a bonus cut of 16 With a Bullet.

Continental US $15

Rest of the World $17


Get on back to the days of Motown and Stax with this rockin' dose of soul from The Solution. Featuring Scott Morgan - an original Michigan-grown exponent Green Eyed Soul on vocals and guitar - and his buddy, Nicke Royale (of Sweden's firebreathing Hellacopters), nailing the backbeat on drums, The Solution's debut disc delivers a dozen tunes. It's authentic-sounding yet fresh-as-today, with 10 originals and a choice pair of covers (Widow Wemberly and Must Be Love Coming Down). This is the Real Deal. This is also currently Top Five in Sweden - and we have limited numbers for sale as it's an import.


THE EARTH IS SHAKING - The Hydromatics
The CD is here in strictly limited quantities and it's an absolute monster! Two unrecorded Sonic's Rendezvous Band gems, a Stones cover, an Otis Clay tune and the rest are smokin' guitar rock classics. Detroit soul and power meet Eurotrash punk sensibilities, with a dash of Detroit Down Under Thunder from guest guitarist and producer Kent Steedman of Australia's Celibate Rifles.


In the Spring of 2001, Radio Birdman's Deniz Tek booked a tour of France and Italy with that country's A-10 supplying the backing. They were re-dubbed 3 Assassins. He also asked his pal Scott Morgan to come along for the ride. This scorching live album, 3 Assassins, is the souvenir of that tour. The songs were chosen from Deniz's solo catalog, Scott's contributions to Sonic's Rendevouz Band, and three other choice covers. An uncompromising engine room and a three-guitar attack make this a live disc to be savored!



SONIC'S RENDEZVOUS BAND - Sonic's Rendezvous Band (Easy Action)
Band-sanctioned, six CD set of mostly live material from the legendary Michigan supergroup. This is the most complete picture you'll get of the band (and all the other semi-officially released stuff is long out-of-print anyway.) Sonic Smith plays some amazing lead guitar, meshing perfectly with the six-strings of Scott Morgan, vocalist extraordinaire. Engine rooms have never come more powerful than Gary Rasmussen (bass) and Scott "Rock Action" Asheton (drums.) The box includes basement rehearsals, the City Slang single, and molten concert work-outs, the vast majority of which are previously unreleased. This runs the gamut from SRB's early days (with Ron Cooke on bass) through mid-period and latter-day line-ups.There's a comprehensive history of SRB and everything's sublimely illustrtaed by the photographs of Robert Mattheu, who was also Executive Producer. Price includes P & P.


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